Good question. Of course, you can buy Direct Plans straight from the respective Mutual Fund Companies but here are some reasons we think MobiKwik Money makes sense for you:

  • We get nothing back from any Mutual Fund Company. No hidden brokerage, no invisible annual commission, no distribution fees. Therefore we are independent and unbiased and recommend the best funds for you irrespective of which Mutual Fund Company pays the most commission.
  • There are 40+ Mutual Fund Companies in India. If you want to buy Direct Plans straight from them you will have to register and do your paperwork/KYC with each one separately. With us, you only need to do your paperwork/KYC once with us and you can invest easily across Mutual Fund Companies.
  • Our advanced reporting tools help you view all of your holdings in one single place.
  • Our  FLEXI-SIP and Auto-Pay tools give you much more flexibility than the Mutual Fund Companies in setting up your personalized investment plan.
  • We give you all tax reports at tax filing time.
  • We love what we do. And we promise to invest continuously in our technology, user interface, tools and offerings to help you make more money on your investments.