The minimum investment amounts are set by the Mutual Fund Companies and not by us. You can start investing in most funds with a minimum of Rs 100- 500. Once you have an investment in a scheme, your additional investments can be as low as Rs 1,000.

The maximum amount you can invest through MobiKwik Mois Rs .1 crores for each NETBANKING transaction (all funds in your investment cart taken together) and Rs 1 crores per scheme on mandate (FLEXI-SIP and AUTO-PAY). You will need to contact your bank to raise the Netbanking limit (generally set at Rs 5-10 lakhs per customer by the bank).


(using bank mand
Maximum investmentRs. 1 crore per transaction
(though the limit set by your bank may be lower)
Rs. 1,00,00,000 per scheme
(though the limit set in the mandate you gave us
may be lower)
How do I increase my limit?Contact your bank to increase your
Netbanking limit.

When increased, the limit will be applicable
for ALL NETBANKING transactions.
Send us a mandate form to increase your

When increased, the limit will be applicable
only to your transactions at Clearfunds.

If you have more to invest in a single scheme, give us a call – we’ll figure something out for you right away! :-)