A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP allows you to invest a certain amount of money at regular intervals. This is also known as Rupee Cost Averaging.

MobiKwik makes it even easier to set up regular investments. Our FLEXI-SIP PLAN is so much more flexible than that the traditional SIP offered by Mutual Fund Houses. We built it to give you total control of your planned savings. You can schedule your investment on any working day of the month, cancel a single upcoming payment without cancelling the whole instruction, and even increase the amount of a single installment (such as when you get a bonus).

How do we do this? Our FLEXI-SIP option which is not a real SIP but a series of monthly additional purchases. The advantage of this is that it gives investors complete flexibility over their monthly investments (such as letting you choose any date of the month to invest, choose any amount, increase or decrease your investment amount, or even cancel the next installment).

But this also means that in case of suspension of purchases in a scheme, MobiKwik Money cannot continue with FLEXI-SIP purchases if the AMC will not accept any 'additional purchase' instructions. This will not affect any current holdings that you have in the scheme in any way - you are not required to sell these.

As this is not a real SIP, the minimum investment amount in a single fund is subject to the minimum initial purchase restrictions (generally Rs 5,000) set by the mutual funds, although subsequent investments can be as low as Rs 1,000.

We do not charge you anything when you start your FLEXI-SIP plan for a scheme. You can cancel, modify or delete a payment (or the whole plan itself) at no charge during this period. 

So when you set up a FLEXI-SIP PLAN with MobiKwik , you simply tell us how often you'd like to invest, and what you'd like to buy. We do the rest. 

Go on, give it a try. We’re sure you will love the experience.