If you have purchased Liquid/Money Market Funds using PAY VIA NETBANKING before 12:00PM or any other fund before 1:00PM, your order will be processed on the same business day. If not, your order will be processed on the next working day. Cut-off timings for Sell and Switch transactions are the same as for non-liquid funds.

Liquid Schemes
Non-Liquid Schemes
Before 12:00PM Before 1:00PM Before 1:00PM Before 1:00PM

For AUTO-PAY or SIP purchases using your bank mandate, our cut-off time is 5PM (T). We then pass on instructions to debit your account on the next bank working day (T+1) and generally place the order with the Mutual Fund company on the following business day (T+2). Your order can be placed with the Mutual Fund Companies only once we receive confirmation from your bank. 

Clearfunds will send you confirmations for your transactions as soon as we receive this from the Mutual Fund Companies. See When are the mutual funds units allotted to me?

If you've sold or switched your units, see I sold my mutual funds. When will I receive the cash?