What is Clearfunds?

Clearfunds is an online investment advisor that lets you buy direct mutual funds from any AMC in India for free of cost. We believe everyone, regardless of wealth, should have access to unbiased advice and be able to hold those managing their money accountable.

We are a SEBI registered ‘Investment Advisor’. We are not a paid ‘Distributor’ of Mutual Funds, which means we receive nothing back from the Mutual Fund Companies for selling you their funds.

So, we’re never under pressure to sell you funds where we make the most commission, or any commission at all! The only fees we ever receive are from you – our customer - and that’s why we can offer you clear, unbiased recommendations on the best funds.

How is Clearfunds different from a regular broker, bank, financial planner or other financial websites?

Customers trust us with their hard-earned savings. We return that trust with total transparency in fees & portfolio performance.

Since we receive no hidden brokerage, no invisible commissions and no unmentioned ‘distribution’ charges from anyone else, we are able to always offer you the best possible investment advice, which means higher returns on your investments for your family! 

How does investing through Clearfunds mean more money for me?

Clearfunds sells only Direct Plans of Mutual Funds.When you buy Direct Mutual Funds you save money on hidden commissions and brokerage.These savings go directly to you in the form of higher returns. Hence, NAV of a Direct Mutual Fund is always higher than that of a Regular Mutual Fund. More for you and less for your broker/distributor.

How does my broker or agent make hidden money when I invest in Regular Plans?

When you invest in a Regular Plan, the Mutual Fund Company pays your broker back a hidden % commission every quarter.

The quarterly commissions paid to your broker or agent are not based just on your initial amount invested but on what your investment grows to.

The math is simple:

If your initial investment is Rs.10,00,000, your broker is paid a around 1% or Rs.10,000 as initial commission each year by the Mutual Fund Company. 

When your investment grows to Rs.4,00,000, then the broker is paid Rs.14,000 each year.

When your investment doubles to Rs.20,00,000, your broker is paid Rs.20,000 each year.

These never ending commissions remain hidden from you. Even if you stop using a broker’s services he will continue to receive the hidden commissions on those investments, because his broker code is attached to your initial investment.

But my bank/ broker/ distributor/ friend gives me advice on mutual funds for free?

Nothing in life is really free, is it? When you buy Mutual funds through your online bank account, your broker or your distributor, you buy ‘Regular’ Plans of Mutual Funds. You don’t pay your broker directly, but he/she gets paid around 1% a year of your latest investment value from the Mutual Fund Company,every single year.

When you stay invested for 10 years, you end up giving a whole 10% of your portfolio value to your broker. You could have spent that on your kids, but instead your broker gets to spend your money on his kids.

Clearfunds sells only Direct Mutual Funds. When you buy Direct Mutual Funds you save money on hidden commissions and brokerage. These savings go directly to you in the form of higher returns.Hence, the NAV of a Direct Mutual Fund is always higher than that of a Regular Mutual Fund. 

How much can I save if I buy Direct Plans at Clearfunds?

In Regular Plans, the Mutual Fund Company pays your broker a hidden commission every year.

In Direct Plans, instead of being paid to the broker, that money gets added back to your gains every single year. And it adds up to a lot.

Your savings or additional gains are the commissions that your broker/distributor would normally receive. These commissions vary from scheme to scheme, but are generally in the range below. When you buy Direct Plans these commissions come back to you instead of your broker.






Year 1 commission


0.3% to 0.5%
0.3% to 0.8%
0.05% to 0.15%

Additional Year 1 commission

paid for investors not residing in top-15 cities

1.0% to 2.0%

1.5% to 2.0%
1.5% to 2.0%

Commission paid

Year 2 onwards

0.4% to 0.5%
0.5% to 0.8%

0.05% to 0.15%

How do I know if I have invested in a Regular Plan or Direct Plan?
  • If you have invested through your bank, you have invested in Regular Plans and are paying hidden brokerage.
  • If your agent is not charging you anything or says his advice is ‘free’ you have invested in Regular Plans and are paying hidden brokerage. 
  • If your agent says that he gets paid by the Mutual Fund Company, you have invested in Regular Plans and are paying hidden brokerage.
  • If your bank/broker/agent/distributor/advisor has not told you explicitly about which plan you are getting invested in, you have invested in Regular Plans.

Check the account statement issued to you by the Mutual Fund Company. Look for the word ‘Direct’ or 'Dr' in the name of every Mutual Fund. If the word ‘Direct’ or 'Dr' is missing, you’ve invested in Regular Plans.

Do you sell Regular Plans of Mutual Funds?

No. We only sell Direct Plans of Mutual Funds.

Who can open an account at Clearfunds?

Clearfunds is means for all individual investors.

  • You need to be a real person (an individual) > 18 years old. (Clearfunds is not for artificial entities such as a company, trust, partnership firm, HUF, cooperative society, etc.)
  • You must be a resident of India with an Indian Income-tax Permanent Account Number (PAN).

If you have already invested in any Indian mutual funds through anyone, we can set up your Clearfunds account much quicker as you don’t need to go through the KYC process once again.

How do I create an account at Clearfunds?

It’s simple. All you need to do is:

  1. Click OPEN A FREE ACCOUNT and sign up with your name, phone number and email address.
  2. Share a few basic details so we can complete your KYC (Know Your Customer, a legal process).
  3. Verify your bank details via a simple process of Penny Drop, where in we send your account a Re.1 to verify if bank details provided by you belongs to you.

Your account is created and all ready for making lump sum investments using net banking option.

Is my Clearfunds account free? Is there a minimum balance?

Your Clearfunds account is a free, zero-balance account. 

Where are you located?

Our office is in the heart of the financial capital of country. You can visit us at :

 206 Natwar Chambers,

94 Nagindas Master Road, 

Fort, Mumbai, 

MH -400001.

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