What are the fees that I will be charged?

Clearfunds works on a simple, transparent and fair pricing model. You can find out all about our fees at our Pricing page

  • DIY Portfolio - Clearfunds offers you a wide range of direct schemes across 36 AMC to do lump sum and SIP investments at ZERO cost. Under DIY portfolio, you curate your own portfolio with the help of robo advisors ( Clearfunds Recommendations and Fund Finder ), absolutely free. You can further modify your SIPs at no extra cost under FLEXI- SIP option. There is no hidden cost or charges that will pop up at any stage under this portfolio. DIY Portfolio is a Free Plan of portfolio offered by Clearfunds.
  • Model Portfolio - Clearfunds offers you a set of model portfolios to choose from depending upon your risk appetite. They range from cautious, being the most conservative to aggressive,exposing to a great volatility. Every model portfolio is charged at INR 999.00 per year, per portfolio. No transaction fees is charged under any model portfolios.
How can Clearfunds offer me such professional services at no cost ?

We automate the process of opening an account, giving you customised research and advice and investing your valuable savings.

We have cut out self-indulgent and costly frills like marble office buildings, fancy physical branches and hundreds of employees hanging around doing nothing.

Our advanced, scalable, yet secure technology, delivered online keeps our operations cost really, really low. We pass on the savings to you,hence charging you nothing for doing the transactions through Clearfunds.

We only charge you for the advisory service on the model portfolios at the INR 999.00 per year, per portfolio.

Are there any charges/ penalty for a failed transaction?

Clearfunds does not charge you for any failed transaction. However, your bank may impose a fee or penalty for a failed ECS debit.

Is there a monthly/ yearly fee to use Clearfunds?

No. There are no monthly or annual charges. Your Clearfunds account is a free, zero-balance account.

Do you charge me every time there is a FLEXI-SIP transaction?

No. We do not charge you anything for setting up SIP or on the following installments of SIP. You can cancel, modify or delete a payment (or the whole plan itself) at no extra cost during your SIP plan.

Are there any charges for modifying or cancelling a FLEXI-SIP transaction?

No. Making a SIP investment through Clearfunds is absolutely free. You can also cancel, modify or delete a payment (or the whole plan itself) under your FLEXI SIP Plan at no extra cost during your SIP tenure.

Do I need a demat account to buy Mutual Funds? Is there a fee to hold Mutual Funds?

No. Your mutual fund units are held directly at the Mutual Fund Company so you don’t need a demat account.

And there is no fee for holding mutual funds. We do not charge you anything for making transactions through Clearfunds.

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