I don’t see the option to invest in SIPs for the Smart portfolio. How can I invest in SIPs?

If you are looking to just set up SIPs in a portfolio, that will not be possible as your investment portfolio needs a minimum of Rs. 50,000 invested in it. In order to set up SIPs in your portfolio, you need to do a one-time purchase of minimum Rs. 50,000 and then you can set up SIPs in your portfolio for minimum Rs. 10,000.

How do I sell part/all of my Smart Portfolio? Are there any fees for this?

Just click on the sell button in your Clearfunds dashboard to sell part or all of your investments in your Smart Portfolio. We charge no fees on sell transactions.

Can I change the funds in the Smart portfolio? How can I build my own portfolio?

Clearfunds Smart Portfolios use cutting-edge technology to monitor and rebalance your investments to help keep you diversified and on track to meet your long term goals. You cannot modify or select the funds in our Smart Portfolios. But you can always create your own unique portfolio by clicking BUY or START A SIP -- all such investments will be added to your own Personal Portfolio.

Can I buy a Smart portfolio other than the one recommended?

Of course. We build you a diversified portfolio that aims to maximize returns without taking you out of your risk comfort zone. And our algorithms automatically maintain the right level of diversification for you. If you're not comfortable with the risk level we suggest, you can always pick a different level of risk to select a Smart Portfolio that's just right for you.

What if I already have an investment in a fund that is part of a Smart portfolio?

That's not a problem. For better tracking, each fund scheme in your Smart Portfolio will have a unique folio number. Lets say you have invested in two portfolios (say, Growth and Steady), and also have a Personal Portfolio of all your individual investments decided by you. If the same fund (say ICICI Prudential Equity Scheme) exists in all three portfolios, we generate separate folio numbers for each portfolio for ease of tracking. 

PS: You can view the folio numbers for your investments when you download your transaction history in XLS format.

How can I discontinue/ stop SIP investments in a Smart Portfolio?

Its simple. Just visit your Clearfunds dashboard, select the SIPs tab, pick the Smart Portfolio that you want to make changes in and click on 'Delete Plan' to completely stop any ongoing SIPs. This will halt your upcoming investments in that particular portfolio. Remember, your money stays invested at the AMC even after you stop your SIPs, but you can always sell your investments from your Clearfunds dashboard.

Can I modify my Smart Portfolio SIP investments?

Yes, you can modify/delete SIP plans and modify/delete upcoming SIP installments for your Smart Portfolio just as your do for your existing Personal Portfolio SIPs. But each time you modify/delete a plan or upcoming investment for a Smart Portfolio, it affects the whole portfolio and not just a single fund scheme. For eg. if you change the date, amount of investment on your portfolio, the change is applied to all the funds in the entire portfolio

Will my portfolio appear in the monthly report sent to me by the Fund Company?

The portfolios provided by Clearfunds are created across several fund families. This grouping is done by Clearfunds. So CAMS, Karvy or your Fund Company does not have any information about this grouping. The monthly statement that you receive from Clearfunds will however display all your portfolio holdings.

Why is the minimum amount for your Smart Portfolios Rs 50,000?

Our analysis indicates that you need 6-9 schemes to build a a properly diversified portfolio, which performs robustly across market cycles to help you meet your investment goals. Most Mutual Fund schemes require a minimum initial investment of Rs 5,000, and subsequent investments of at least Rs 1,000.

In order to be able to meet these scheme minimums, Smart Portfolios have:

  • minimum initial investment of Rs 50,000
  • minimum additional investments (portfolio Flexi-SIPs) of Rs 10,000
  • and all investments to be in multiples of Rs 2,000
What is a Smart Portfolio?

Clearfunds Smart Portfolios are a collection of mutual funds automatically managed by Clearfunds. Each portfolio is carefully constructed by our team of investment experts using Nobel-prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory techniques to ensure it is well-diversified across different industry sectors and asset groups. We monitor your portfolio and keep it on track.

We recommend a particular portfolio for you based on your unique financial situation, stated risk tolerance and personal goals.

How do I buy a Smart Portfolio?

Its easy! Just click on ADD PORTFOLIO in your Clearfunds Dashboard to answer a series of questions to help us understand your investment objective and risk appetite, so that we can recommend a portfolio that's just right for you !

What is a Personal Portfolio?

All your personally selected investments (whether one-time or SIP) are clubbed under a single portfolio called “Personal Portfolio” to distinguish these Do-It-Yourself holdings from Clearfunds Smart Portfolios.

Can I buy more than one Smart Portfolio?

Of course you can invest in multiple portfolios. Just click on ADD PORTFOLIO in your Clearfunds Dashboard to buy another. However you cannot buy the same portfolio twice.

If you need to make additional investments in an existing Smart Portfolio, just click on BUY in your Clearfunds Dashboard.

How often will you rebalance my Smart portfolio?

Our investment experts extensively backtest all data, and consider exit loads and taxes before recommending a rebalance of a Smart Portfolio. We don't expect to do this more than once each year.

How do Smart Portfolio Flexi-SIPs work?

Portfolio Flexi-SIPs work just like our regular Flexi-SIP feature. You can set these up for any day of the month (1st to 28th) and your bank account will be debited one working day before your investment date. The minimum Smart Portfolio Flexi-SIP amount is Rs 10,000 and in multiples of Rs 2,000.

How is investing in a Smart Portfolio different from investing in one-time purchases/SIPs?

When you buy a Smart Portfolio, you invest in a number of mutual funds (between 6-9 schemes per portfolio), which ensure that your investment is well-diversified across different industry sectors and asset groups.

The amount you invest is proportionately invested across all the Mutual Fund schemes in the portfolio. On the other hand, when you invest using the BUY or SIP options, you are investing in one or more schemes selected by you.

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